In addition to implementing the standard Bizziapp system, Systematic also has a specific layout that helps track the length of archived documents in meters. Due to this main scale and indicator, it was necessary to change reports and look at goals from a perspective which is understandable to Systematic.

Petr Helcl
The director of SysteMatic says:

“Using Bizziapp has brought about a fundamental change in the perception of processes within our company. Thanks to the cooperation with the Bizziapp team, we have achieved a certain professionalisation of our team's work with a significant impact on the economic results of the company.”

Increase in business

Mastering the increase in business without having to find more traders.

50% savings on efficiency

50% savings on work efficiency per employee.

Year-on-year increase in sales by 25%

Transferring dozens of files to digital version has brought full control over customers and communication with them. This insures the upsells on the current portfolio of customers, which brings a substantial increase in revenue.

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