Premier Wines & Spirits

At Premier Wines & Spirits, the client uses client cards, product cards, calendar (tourplan), customer order history, reporting and particularly an offer and order configurator. Integration with third-party ERP system with warehouse module is ensured so that traders can only work with one information system.

Samer Selbak
The director of Premier Wines & Spirits says:

“CRM is primarily used by our dealers who can better serve our customer, and it ultimately helps us increase our sales for each customer. With Bizziapp, features are more sophisticated and the system is easy and intuitive to control over the mobile phone too."

Growth of profit by 20%

The complete overview and control of every business opportunity traders understood as one of Bizziapp's biggest benefits. This is attributed to the continuously increased success rate when signing new contracts.

30% higher success rate when closing deals

Especially thanks to the system of tasks that ensure that traders get in touch with clients in a timely manner even when they are fully busy and they generally have things under control.

Increased efficiency by 30%

Traders actually use Bizziapp and work with it. Personal efficiency is also increased by 30% because they only work with one transparent system which they understand.

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