Medium & Large Businesses

Each client has their individual needs but we all pursue the same goal - a satisfied customer. Thanks to Bizziapp’s structure, we’re able to tailor it exactly to your needs. We conduct the initial analysis and propose possible ways and solutions. Your individual requirements are a welcome challenge for us.

Do you handle B2B and B2C customers? Each segment has its own specifics and at Bizziapp, we’re aware of them. Link Bizziapp with your ERP or accounting system through our open APIs. Integrate business and customer data into one platform and achieve greater sales, customer marketing, and service efficiency.

Your sales team, back office team, service technicians, or customer support everyone can operate their Bizziapp section and share information with others. Your management thus gets clear reports of all activities. Contact us and let’s book a meeting where we discuss the possibilities of a modern platform for your current and future business needs!

Modular solution

Choose the Bizziapp configuration to fit you. You can add or modify modules according to your current or future needs.

Integration with existing systems

You do not have to change anything, we will smartly connect your existing ERP, stock or financial software with our Bizziapp.

Nonstop support

Technical and business inquiries will be dealt with on a 24/7 specialist helpline. Training for all your users not only at the beginning of the cooperation is a matter of course.

Contact our sales team

Write or call us and together we’ll find a way to improve your business processes. Let’s see if we can inspire you or put our Bizziapp to a good use straight away. Give it a try right now!