Martin Tour

In Martin Tour there has been a fundamental transition from process control through paper, pencil, mobile phone and even walkie-talkie to a modern process. Workers on the stands have received tablets and they can see all bookings, activities and settings of individual tours online. Together we went through the details of name and language settings (nationality in tours) of guides, planning of drivers for individual tours and optimizing the capacity of individual buses. Managers located at the headquarters have an online overview of all tours.

Aleš Martin
The director of the company Martin Tour

“We have been working with Bizziapp for the third year. Implementation of the system takes place in stages. We communicate with developers directly. I have to say that the Bizziapp staff understand our business at least as much as our employees do, and that makes the cooperation very easy. We are very pleased to be jointly involved in the development of our business."

Decrease in error rate by 95%

Thanks to the digitisation of bookings, accurate information is provided for all workers and in feasible time.

Work efficiency

Involving external partners in business processes has brought more efficiency in reducing the number of internal administrative staff.

Time savings

Time saving up to 2 hours per day for every employee who is accustomed to day-to-day orientation in paper plans.

Increase in revenue by 20%

An overview of the information shared among all employees has ensured the maximum utilisation of all lines and therefore increased sales.


GDPR readiness and process stabilisation.

Satisfaction of employees

As part of the digitisation, the burden associated with "paperwork" has disappeared, which hindered mainly workers who do not perform administrative jobs.

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