Small business

Are you self-employed or are you starting a startup or a stable company? Excel is not enough for you but you are still growing into a robust solution?

Stay up-to-date on existing customers, take care of them and efficiently reach new ones. With Bizziapp, you get an economical, fast and intuitive solution which fulfills the function of CRM and offers you full control over your business opportunities, marketing and common business processes! The modular Bizziapp platform is ready to flexibly grow with your business, so you can complete your solution with a new module full of extra features at any time!

Every client has individual needs but we all pursue the same goal - customer satisfaction.


An easy-to-use solution that meets all your needs.

Fast implementation

Thanks to our experience, we will start your required solution within a few days.

All in one

All business processes together in one online environment effective and clear.

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Write or call us and together we’ll find a way to improve your business processes. Let’s see if we can inspire you or put our Bizziapp to a good use straight away. Give it a try right now!