Electronic signature

The signature module makes many processes inside the company more streamlined. In Bizziapp, you can fill out the form and generate it as a finished document. You only need to sign it with an electronic pen and save it with one click in the application, within which the back office will take care of the start of the realisation or invoicing process.

Work-flow automatisation

You save the signed document with one click to Bizziapp, your authorized colleagues will receive a notification and the client will automatically receive its copy by email.


The digital signature, like the Bizziapp application, is encrypted and subject to the strictest standards of security.


Orders, several page contracts and additions are burdensome in paper form. Digitalise!

Cloud card file

You can manage your entire card file in Bizziapp. And with cloud hosting, you can get to your data at anytime and from anywhere.

Internal tool

Confirmation of a pay slip or filling in your company documents with quick sending to the person entrusted with their processing.

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