Call centre

The call centre module is suitable for a small customer support and a large, professional call centre. Perform calls cleverly. Monitor the work of individual users or teams, evaluate a wide range of reports, including call recordings, and get the confidence that you will not miss any contact with the customer.

Call recordings

An ability to listen or download a call - up to six months backwards.


Dozens of reports with division into individual users, time periods or queues. Export is a matter of course.


Automatic assignment of the call to the operator according to the conditions. Queue for VIP customers, complaints or orders.

Voice tree

Queuing of callers by means of messages. A possibility to set working time, breaks and answering machine.

Contact card

A call from a client with a phone number in Bizziapp automatically opens the contact card. You immediately know who you are talking to and what activity and communication preceded it in the past.

Cloud hosting

The call centre module acts as a virtual PBX integration with the Bizziapp application. You are not dependent on the hardware, not even the place of use.

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