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The client is the priority

Our company is a joint force of dedicated developers and enthusiastic sales people. We understand that the term CRM has long reached far beyond just getting customers and tracking business cases.

Our concept of CRM is genuine Customer Relationship Management. Our solutions help build, maintain and deepen customer relationships. The basis for our Bizziapp platform is our own marketing experience. We believe it is neither necessary nor desirable to use several different tools and systems for customer service (B2B, B2C).

With our Bizziapp solution, you get a multilingual platform using your existing data and systems. Our comprehensive platform is integrated with all of them. From a call centre, store, retention, Helpdesk, service, or marketing to planning a business lunch with a client.

Company management

Jan Kortus
"Small people are those with small goals!"
Kristýna Osuchová
"You can always do more than you think."
Otakar Seďa
"Love goes through the stomach!"
Vitězslav Zach
"Building relationships is the basis of all."
Vývoj informačních systémů na míru | Implementace | BizZiapp

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